There is a big wave of co-working spaces opening up here in Las Vegas. We even have the juggernaut company WeWork making its debut here with Two Summerlin opening up and another planned for town square. However, with all the co-working spaces it can be hard to find the right spot. Here are my thoughts about the spaces available and some pro/cons for each. Data is just what I’ve seen as of writing this on 1/3/20, plans/pricing are subject to change.

Work in Progress

WIP as I like to call it has been here for awhile but has gone through a lot of changes over the years. All for the better cause now this place is amazing. They have a ton of different plans available starting at $50 a month for a virtual office for receiving mail. Their $149 drop in plan is perfect for most nomad developers who just need a space and good wifi. They have team rooms available for $849+ which is a bit expensive compared to other options out there but you get 20 hours of meeting room time which is great for meeting with new clients or team scrum meetings. What I most like Work in Progress is their À la carte style menu for Day Passes and Meeting Rooms. If you aren’t a resident to Vegas and you want to get out of the hotel, this would be a great spot to get a day pass and work out of for a day. Especially if you can meet some of the great people that work at WIP. The environment rings of startup culture as you walk in to a wall of logos that Work In Progress or NeON Brand (A branding & marketing company also owned by the same people as WIP) has worked with. I’ve also had the fortune of acquiring a sponsorship for my Podcast here because the owner is all about supporting the community. All in all, this is a great place to be apart of the Downtown VegasTech scene.


  • Flexible plans and services
  • Great spot to be in an entrepreneurial environment
  • Meeting spaces & great meetups/user groups happening
  • Nice people with a professional yet fun workspace
  • EV Charging (although last time I was there someone stole the copper, welcome to Vegas haha)


  • Pricing for dedicated rooms is high compared to other options
  • Leaving the downtown area during rush hour if you live in the suburbs can be frustrating but if you leave before/after the rush hour isn’t bad at all.
  • Parking can be a pain as downtown charges for street parking


Another place is the COOP which is over in Summerlin. They also have good pricing for what is around there. I have not been here yet but all of these co-working spaces offer tours for you assess yourself. Some even offer free day passes so you can see what it is like working there for a day. A kitchen and conference rooms are just a few of the perks here. Knowing what your deal breakers are before you even bother setting up tours can help you narrow down where you want to work out of. Their open desk plans are very affordable but their private offices are a bit expensive compared the office space you can lease around there.


  • Virtual Office plan for just hanging your biz license
  • An affordable after-hours plan called “Side Hustle”
  • If you live over in Summerlin, this could be the one as there is shopping within walking distance.
  • Unlimited Coffee 🙂


  • If you need 24/7 access there could be more affordable options around there for an office space
  • If you live in Henderson, this could be just too far to travel to/from


When you look for a space to work from, a requirement you may have is having places to work out of in different cities across the US. When it comes to coverage, Regus is one of the biggest out there with options ranging from a Lounge, Co-working, and office plans. This is a bit more transient than other options where you could have a dedicated desk/office but if you don’t care about that then Regus might be the place.


  • Over 3000 locations all over the place so you can work/meet while you travel
  • Well known by business executives
  • Helpful staff and very accommodating
  • If just need X days per month of workspace, this could be a good choice


  • The cost seems cheap at first but if you do the math, it can be ridiculously expensive to other options.
  • Not having something that feels like “your space”
  • Traditional office environment feel (could be a pro for you)


Although there has been some ups and downs with the We Company, their business WeWork has been one of the most aggressively expanding co-working companies. This can be a great choice for someone who needs a dedicated space locally but wants options for when they travel to other major cities and still have a space to work out of. The environment is super modern compared to all the others out there. Everyone from stand up comedians to programmers have been using these spaces to work hard out of and meet other interesting people. The male/female ratio is balanced and everyone seems super professional.


  • Super modern feel with cool people
  • Coffee, Kitchen, and other cool perks
  • Flexibility to work from other locations


  • The price is expensive in comparison to other options
  • Worries about the “We” companies future
  • If modern isn’t your thing, then it might be too frou-frou for you

InNEVation Center

They don’t like to advertise this place but it truly is a diamond in the desert. This place hosts the most user groups like mine PHP Vegas every month. Switch doesn’t like to focus too much on their co-working space though and there are some issues with the AC in the thing one room so bring a jacket. However, if you need a place that you can leave a monitor or laptop then this might be the place for you. Over the staff is helpful but getting a spot can be tricky and take some time. They only accept certain types of businesses and you must go through a background check sort of thing. Overall, the spot is great for the price and if you can get a spot, might be perfect. The location is great and right off the freeway but getting there for the first time can be a bit confusing if you don’t know where it is.


  • Lockers to store your stuff overnight
  • Affordable rates for the perks/location
  • Most of the meetups in Las Vegas are hosted in here
  • Great people and innovative companies working out of here


  • Getting the rubber stamp and securing a location can be rough
  • Location can be a bit confusing for new clients to meet you
  • Meeting rooms are taken up quite a bit so secure in advance
  • The AC in the Thing One room seems to be close to a meat freezer

The rest of the places below I don’t know much about but wanted to list them cause they exist.


Their website is down as of writing this but if you want a female only environment then I think this place does that.

Co-Working Solution

This place I haven’t been tom but I know the area and could be great if you want to be by the Las Vegas Strip. They also have call center seating plans which could be something your business is interested in. They also have virtual office and dedicated desk options.


A bit expensive but if you want to be on Main St or downtown then you might want to tour this place before making your decision.

A more traditional option (especially if you don’t want to deal with people) could be…

Finding an Office Space

If you just need to find a room with a door (as most remote developers dream of) then perhaps you need to skip the co-working space idea. Some of the co-working spaces have offices available but you might be able to find something cheaper/larger by looking at the plethora of options for commercial office space. Try searching on sites like and Craigslist for some offices as cheap as $150 a month. The con being you have to commit to 6+ months in most cases for a space like this. However, for the price this might be a better option. Another con is you won’t have as much human interaction as you would with a co-working space.

Do you know other spots in Vegas we missed? Please let us know in the comments below.

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