Pete - CEO - Precision Consulting

I was very apprehensive to bring in outsourced tech help. I had a 15 yr operating history, hundreds of thousands of dollars of proprietary bespoke technology, and retiring partners who knew that tech much better than I did. I needed someone knowledgeable, trustworthy, and not looking to use my desperate situation to gouge me on price. To get the comfort that I needed to introduce someone to our systems, I required several in-person meetings (at my house!) to review a lot of it, before even commencing with the arrangement. Josh, the owner of Remote Dev Force, was willing to go through that initial investment with me. The team that he then brought in was awesome – I ended up with a team of 3 guys, Josh and 2 more, each of whom were extremely skilled, diligent, and caring in every ounce of their work. They remained with me for almost a year, even helping to onboard and train a dedicated internal offshore team for me. I required a team that was 101 out of 100 on the trust scale, and that could handle the hard stuff. I got that, and then some. Josh and his team are reasonably priced, and beyond capable in php, Laravel, javascript, and more. Josh was always available for emergencies, and happy to work within our internal systems, or to reply to texts or calls out of hours. His entire team has the ability and interpersonal skills to make more money, and all of them choose the remote dev gig for lifestyle reasons – you’re getting top-notch quality from supergood human beings with these guys. A+ recommend all around.