Remote Dev Force is partnering up with Startup Vegas and Techstars to bring the Startup Weekend event to Las Vegas this November. This event comprises of 54 hours of turning an idea into a reality. People will pitch their ideas and the ideas with the most votes get put into teams. At the end, teams will be judged on how viable and interesting their start up idea is.

We’ve attended many startup weekend events in the past and have enjoyed every single one of them. It taught us how important focusing on an MVP is and how to avoid the trap of adding more features from the start. A minimum viable product is always the way to go when you are strapped for time and resources as that will bring you to market quicker. We love this event so much that we wanted to sponsor the 2022 event here in Las Vegas so other entrepreneurs can have the chance to create their very own business, network with others, and get their start in tech.

Startup Weekend 2022 will take place from November 4th at 6:30 PM until November 6th at 9:30 PM PST at 6605 South Las Vegas Boulevard. 

Our CTO Joshua Copeland will be attending to mentor the teams, teaching them pitfalls to watch out for, and solutions for building their businesses. Join us and sign up for this awesome event coming soon. You can find all the event details here on Techstars.